Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beautiful Fabric!

We went Fabric shopping!

My Sister, Little Miss, and my Friend from the Wedding Dress Shop went to find fabric for bridesmaids' skirts.  It was brilliant to all go together, so we could compare colors, textures, and find what suited all of us.

Little Miss has a frighteningly good eye for fashion.  I received a lot of design tips for my own dress, which will match hers.

My sister nixed the gathered A-line shape with tulle overskirt--I thought that would be flattering for anyone, but she said not.  So I gave her some of my pattern books to leaf through.  She chose an elegant straight skirt style, modeled on this beautiful skirt from Sew What! Skirts. 

Straight skirt with contrast yoke
{Image from:  Sew What! Skirts, p. 86}

We'll call Sweet Sistah's version the Golden Goddess Skirt. 

 The underskirt fabric is shantung satin, shiny on one side and textured on the other, and the overskirt is a sparkly organza. 

It will be beautiful! 





 Color, Texture, and Sparkle

The wedding colors are gold and navy, to match the colors of The Pilot's uniform--

--and plum--one of my all-time favorites (virtually every shade of purple):


As you can see, I bought matching tulle anyway, "for decorations."  That was Sweet Sistah's idea.  She's the artistic one, so I'll let her figure that out.

My goal is to finish Sweet Sistah's skirt before she returns home, or at least have it cut and basted so I can evaluate the fit, and to finish the other two within a week. 

What do you think?  Can I do it?  (Well, I already know the answer to that one, unfortunately.)  So how's this for a question:  what are your favorite fabric colors and textures?

P.S.:  My sewing space is still a mess....

{I love how this photo makes it look like the sewing machine is about to careen off the table!}

Till next time,--Ayana


  1. How exciting, the skirts look like they will be very pretty and flatter everyone! That is always an issue with bridesmaids, it is hard to find clothing that will suit all of their body types.
    I can never say no to blue or purple fabric.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Zoe! It was really fun to work on the design with my sister, so up soon will be a post on how I worked with my Fried from the Wedding Dress Shop on her skirt! (Plus, updates on the Golden Goddess Skirt).


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