Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Sewing Space

What does my sewing space look like?

Inspired by the beautiful spaces featured on Ellison Lane, I decided to share my space with all of you and join the link party.

My sewing space doubles as my kitchen table.  Originally, it was designed to pack up easily so we could have dinner.  All the fabric and notions for current projects could be easily folded, packed, or stored at a moment's notice into my improvised sewing box, and the sewing machine cover could be slipped on, and the whole thing slipped underneath the table.

 My favorite thing about my sewing space is my daughter's little sewing machine lined up near mine.  I jokingly call it "our little sweatshop."  Also, I love that the sewing happens pretty much in the hearth--the kitchen is the center of any house.  It feels more social to use this space, instead of being tucked away somewhere else.

But, sometimes I also want to relocate to my own private nook upstairs.


What's on my sewing table at the moment?  A gorgeous sparkly gold organza fabric for the overskirt of my Sweet Sistah's bridesmaid skirt.  And a matching shantung satin for the underskirt. 


If you look closely, you'll find some other things, too. 

It's sort of like playing "Where's Waldo" except it's more like, "WHERE did I put that NEEDLE I just had in my hand?"


Organization Issues

Well, let me tell you readers, despite my best plans at organization, all my creative spaces end up looking like a serious mess after a while.  You think this is bad, you should see my office! 

For some reason I resist cleaning up while I'm still in the middle of a project.  So I just keep limping along with stuff piling up until I get sick of it and then go on a cleaning binge.

I know, I know.  I'm working on it. 

In the meantime, we eat outside in the beautiful weather on the deck.  It feels like a mini vacation.  Or, in the dining room.  Which is quickly becoming a temporary school work area.

We haven't had friends over for dinner in a while....

Till next time--, Ayana

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