Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Big Day!


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I've been a little stuck with blog writing.  First, because the three weeks leading up to The Big Day were so busy.  Now, because it's over, it feels strange going backwards in chronology to show How I Made The Dress.  And, now that The Big Project is finished, I've been a bit adrift on What to Tackle Next (sewing-wise, at least).  So today, on our eleven-day anniversary (seriously, we've been teasing each other like this for a week now) I decided to just get back into the swing of things.

Since the most important thing is that I Finished The Dress, and I'm very happy with how it looked, I thought I would just post here some of the photos from The Big Day (and the day before).  Our professional photos aren't ready yet, other than a few sneak peeks, so mostly these are snapshots taken by family.

Final Hand-Sewing

Photo: Last minute wedding dress sewing...
I love how the blurriness conveys the sense of activity.  But I actually felt calm, I promise!

My Mom crocheted a lace border for the top of the dress

The lace, while subtle, gave The Dress just the perfect final touch!  Thanks Mom!  Your creativity has inspired me since you first taught me to hand-sew, embroider, and knit at age eight.

On the Way *Almost There*

This isn't me, by the way!


Helping Little Miss

I used an extra bit of ribbon as a stay at the top of the dress, but Little Miss decided it worked better as a halter strap that tied in the back.  I also re-purposed a frilly ribbon for her waist, that I had originally intended as a waistband for a tulle overskirt for my own dress.  My Mom and my sister nixed that idea.

Little Miss is Adorable!



Just About Ready

I decided to make a veil at the last minute (late the night before).  I attached it to two beaded hair combs I had made with gold and white freshwater pearls the week before.  Little Miss also made two hair combs for herself.  I had so much fun, I made extras for my two bridesmaids and my sister in the days before the wedding.

 The Ceremony Was Beautiful!

My Pilot picked this incredible bouquet from the garden in the morning.  I had just finished wrapping what I thought would be my bouquet when he came in with it.  I gave my roses to Little Miss. 
My sister brought the necklace for me; we had fun trying on all the options the day before.  She is so wonderful!

Two New Sisters


 My Parents

A Moment of Hilarity! (This always happens when I get together with my sister, or with my friends; so here, it was a guaranteed fun fest!)


We're Married!

It was an incredible, amazing, blessed day at Brown County State Park, Indiana!

Till Next Time,--Ayana

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